Roxanne Raveling

human resources manager & level 5 cosmetologist

When playing Monopoly, Roxanne always picks the Scottie dog, which says a lot about her loyalty, tenacity and perseverance. She’s been with us for over a decade, continually taking Aveda continuing education classes to keep up on the newest in color and style. Roxanne is a true believer in the Aveda lifestyle and principals, and appreciates that Aveda works to be a leader in environmental responsibility and sustainability while still creating high quality, cutting-edge products. In her styling, Roxanne loves to be fun, new and trendy, but she always makes sure your style matches your lifestyle, so you can look fabulous no matter how much time/effort you have or are willing to commit. She’s learned a lot in her years as a stylist but the most important thing is a classic: “Be nice and smile.”