Naturally Straight helps fight the frizz

fight the frizz with aveda naturally straight

Fact: Frizzy hair is the No. 1 hair care concern in the United States. How to fight the frizz is a huge problem for many people.

With Smooth Infusion’s Naturally Straight product, let those concerns fade away.

Naturally Straight is perfect for women with wavy and curly hair who like to wear their hair straight.

The best part – your hair becomes progressively straighter and easier to style with each application after just five days.

So how does it work? Plant-derived fibers lock onto the hair and hold it straight. Organic tapioca starch, organic aloe and maize defend against frizz. Additionally, wheat protein strengthens hair and protects if from heat styling.

The fresh, citrus-floral blend features hints of rose, certified organic palmarosa, bergamot and Australian sandalwood.

Of users, 94 percent said Naturally Straight helped eliminate curl immediately.

Additionally, 93 percent said their hair looked sleeker and straighter. So, what are you waiting for?

Cut that curl, wipe out those waves and fight frizz now with Naturally Straight. Ask your stylist about getting started with Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight today.