To Cut or Not to Cut: 9 Things You Need to Consider Before Your Next Haircut

It’s summer, and that means more time outside. It can also make a person wonder, “Is it time for a haircut?” We are not talking your regularly scheduled trim, we’re talking cutting off some hair, lots of hair.

If you’re considering a big change for your summer style, or any time of year for that matter, there are some things to consider, before cutting off your locks.

1. Remember you can cut it off, but it won’t grow back in an instant                            

Think about the reason you want to cut your hair. If it is because of time and convenience think again. It takes just moments to cut your hair, but growing it back takes much, much longer. On average, hair grows about a half an inch per month. The main reason should be to feel better about yourself. After all, hair is usually one of the first things people notice.

2. The shape of your face plays a role

Be sure the cut you like will actually look good on you. Often times the cut and style that we select from a photo in a magazine is based on how it looks on the person. Consider how the cut would look on you and ask your stylist for recommendations, after all they are the experts. See our quick tips below.

Oval: (Slightly narrow at the jaw-line with a gentle hairline.) Just about any hairstyle goes good with oval shapes.

Rectangular: (Long and thin, have a very high forehead/narrow chin.) Short to medium-lengths will suit you best as well as wispy bangs. Layers also work very well with rectangular face shapes.

Round: (Full-looking. Widest point is at the cheeks and ears.) You should avoid chin-length hair as it only magnifies the roundness. Short hairstyles in a swept-back direction help achieve fullness and can lengthen your face.

3. Short hair makes your hair texture tighter

Which means that shorter hair is lighter, and if you have curls or waves, they’ll get looser with less weight. Long hair will weigh down the curls and waves to be more relaxed, but short hair is going to make your curls tighter.

4. Your tools should change

It’s best to re-think your old styling tools from your long-haired days and invest in new tools better suited to shorter locks. Smaller and thinner curling irons and straighteners will allow you to have better control of your hair during the styling process.

5. Your hair won’t take as long to style

A definite advantage of having short hair is the fact that it takes less time to dry your hair. Style Tip: Blow dry your hair until it is about 50 percent dry, run some Aveda styling products through it and let the rest of your hair dry naturally. You’re out the door in no time!

6. You’ll use less shampoo

Shorter hair means less shampoo and conditioner, which will save you money when it comes to buying your hair care products.

7. Shorter hair means more frequent cuts

Take note, you’ll be spending a lot more time in the stylist’s chair. With long hair you can go much longer without a trim, but a shorter hairstyle means you need to maintain a certain length.

8. It’s going to take some getting used to

Many of us have an emotional attachment to our hair, so think long and hard before you decide to make the change. But do remember change can be good and it’s just hair — it will grow back!

9. You lose your bad hair day cover ups

And this may be the biggest lose of all; no easy bad hair day cover ups! No more ponytail, bun or go to side braid to fix an crazy hair day. Short hair may be less maintenance overall, but you’ll have to style shorter hair every day.

Remember, all hair is not created equal. Be sure to ask your stylist at Belle Salon & Spa when making the decision to cut or style differently. If you’re ready for a cut or to experience any of our other services, call and schedule your appointment at our new LOFT location and get the #Loftlook for summer.

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