We are celebrating 10 Years of Style and Growth! We are the Belle Salon & Spa staff.

As we continue our celebration of our 10 year anniversary at the Hamilton location, we want to take a moment to sit back and reflect on what has made belle successful. Over the years we have trained our staff on services that are unlike any other salon and spa. We take pride in our staff and we work hard to be the best at what we do and keep working till we get it right. Not only with our services, but how we do business, and  how we decide what services we offer. We talk to our guests and we move heaven and earth to make them happy.

We also nurture our relationship with Aveda, making our connection to their causes and mission a part of our experience as well.

We are the kind of people who laugh with our kids, cook with our friends and bond as co-workers. We’ve seen each other through hard times and even cried together as we have lost employees to moving away or even death. We come together when the going gets tough and as a team, we stick together. Even when a co-worker needs some extra support – regardless what is going on in the salon or in someone’s personal life, we can always count on each other.

You might not know that we get inspired by beautiful landscapes, art and family, making people happy, friends, faith, nature, fashion and love.

We love what we do and love working for Belle Salon & Spa. The people we have the honor to work with every day – our work family – are amazing. We appreciate the continued education to perfect our craft and the variety of services and different atmospheres we have to offer. We also enjoy working with women and men of so many different age groups and seeing where people start their look and see how it evolves over time.

We love our connection with our guests. They all have a special place in our hearts. They are the reason we come to work every day. The stories they share, the relationships we build, it makes each and every day in the salon special and different from the one before. Thank you for being with us, whether for 10 years or one visit, you are what makes us happy and excited to be in this industry.

Join us Thursday October 9 for a full day of fun, laughs, love and a great time! Take advantage of some of our great offers!

  • 20% of everything in the store
  • Enter to win 10 gift sets to be given away
  • Enter to win Free Botanical Hair Treatment – one will be given away every 10 minutes throughout the day
  • Free Makeup Applications all day – call to pre-book
  • $25 blowout services for first 10 people who book one for October 9th

Cheri Cosgrove, Founder and CEO closes with, “I am so proud of my staff and what we have accomplished. I have a lot of staff who have been with me since the beginning, who believe in belle and providing the most elite salon and spa services in Siouxland. I always encourage my staff to strive for growth and to perfect their craft even more. It is so important to keep them up to date on the latest techniques and styles and my staff is always welcoming to continued growth. It makes doing what we do challenging and fun all at the same time. We look forward to many more years to come.”

Belle Salon & Spa are siouxland's premier aveda salons and day spas