Considering a Blowout? Walk Through the Experience from Start to Finish With Us!

You may have noticed, we’ve been talking quite a bit about this new blowout bar that opened recently at our Hamilton location. There have been a lot of questions about what a blowout is and for what occasion it would be best for.

Well, as I talked to the staff at Belle Salon & Spa I realized it is for any occasion. I just depends on your personal style and budget.

So, a few weeks ago I had the fabulous opportunity to try out Belle Salon & Spa’s new blowout services. I have always wanted to try a blowout and decided to see what this whole trend was all about.

As always, when I walked into the salon I was greeted by their staff and offered a water, tea or coffee. I love the tea and the gorgeous décor throughout the whole salon. You instantly feel relaxed and welcomed by so many smiling faces.

The blowout bar is separate from the stations at the salon. They have placed white chairs and a wall mirror for each station. The look and feel is that of a big city salon, I loved every minute of it.

blowout bar at Belle Salon & Spa

As my stylist came over to me, we reviewed the different blowout styles. There are 6 total to choose from: BSassy, BBeautiful, BClassy, BSexy, BSleek and BBeachy. After discussing the best hair length for each style, we decided I should try the BSassy.

We went to the shampoo bar where I received the royal treatment. I didn’t want it to end, the head massage, warm water, it was so relaxing.

Following the wash, the blow drying began. I went back to sit in the comfy white chairs and my stylist began to work her magic with my hair. I have really thick hair but it’s short. It’s just above my shoulders and has this beautiful natural curl, but sometimes I just want it straight.

As I sat and read a magazine, my stylist started to dry my hair using a brush to build volume and add a slight curl. I continued to feel so relaxed and comfortable the whole time. And I totally go to catch up on the latest celebrity gossip, which is one of my guilty pleasures while getting beautiful!

By the time my stylist turned my chair my hair was gorgeous! I had never thought my hair would look so full of body and natural as it did. I loved it right away.

My particular appointment time was on Friday afternoon. As the evening went on {and I settled into my sweats, hey I’m a mom of 3 kids, that is my Friday night} I loved it even more. It was so full of body when I left the salon. A few hours later it began to settle down even more and looked amazing. I remember thinking, “I wish I had somewhere to go because I look WAY too good to be sitting at home.”

But as it turned out, the next day I had cheer camp for my daughter, a football game for my son and a Chuck E Cheese birthday party that evening for my daughter again…all while sporting the a beautiful hair. My daughter’s friends even noticed so I was able to say it is a blowout from Belle Salon & Spa.

So, as I share this personal story with you, I encourage you to no longer think about it and just give it a try. It’s only $40 and is perfect for a busy weekend with the kids or for a special event. I didn’t have to do my hair, just run a little product in it and go. It was that easy and it lasted the whole weekend!

Try it for when you have an out of town work meeting, conference, speaking engagement, wedding, or seriously any type of weekend where you want to still look good while running around, consider a blowout and take one thing off the list right away.

Contact your stylist or call our Hamilton location at 712-277-3335 and talk to us about your options. Currently we only offer our blowout services exclusively at our Hamilton location. Ask us what style is best for you hair, our staff is ready to make you feel beautiful.