Valentine’s Day, Your Way

We’re going to say it: we think Valentine’s Day has been unfairly mistreated.

Hold on — before you decide this idea isn’t for you, let us explain. We’re hardly on board with the cherubs, hearts, and flowers ordeal where you have one special day to celebrate your deep and abiding love. First of all, winged toddlers shooting arrows are weird, and second of all, we just can’t endorse the Hallmark-fueled ideas that 1. Only couples should be able to bask in the rose-tinted glow of February 14th and 2. They need a special date to do it.

That being said, there are some pretty wonderful things we can all appreciate about Valentine’s at its essence. For instance, hand-written cards. Thoughtful little gifts. Bountiful chocolate. Any excuse to sip champagne.

So, in the spirit of treating yourself, why not make this Valentine’s Day an excuse to do something decadent? Like…

  • Eat chocolate ganache cake on the couch while catching up on this year’s Oscar nominees (or, if you’re anything like us, re-watching Friends on Netflix while trying to figure out where the past decade has gone). You can share or you can invite only yourself. We won’t tell.
  • Schedule a massage. Fact: The percentage of people who intend to schedule massages for themselves and actually follow through is >1%. Okay, we made that up. But still. Don’t be in the >1%.
  • Plan a blowout or a mani-pedi. Invite a friend to join, if you need some girl time. Go all alone if you just need a second to hear yourself think (or to shut off your mind entirely).
  • Order fresh flowers and have them delivered to yourself, from yourself. You have the best taste in blooms, anyway.
  • Troll Gilt Travel for vacations you may or may not be able to afford. A nice alternative to booking a trip is booking an appointment for some golden highlights—because if you can’t spend two weeks on a private beach in Tahiti, you might as well look like you did.
  • Splurge on a slightly too-pricey candle, draw yourself a bath, and finally read that issue of Vogue you’ve been stacking mail on top of for the last three weeks.

These suggestions complement any plans you have with your significant other quite nicely, but they also stand well alone. And the best part? There’s no reason to limit them to February 14th…we’re in favor of spoiling yourself all year.