Moms rock.

Mother’s Day is the day we’re finally able to prioritize the person who has always prioritized us. It’s the day we remember to say “thank you” — even in some small way — for everything from the late-night feedings, to suffering your teenage angst, to the check slipped under the table when you could barely pay your rent.

Call it a Hallmark Holiday if you must, but personally, we’re awfully thankful for the yearly reminder that mothers are the most awe-inspiring humans on the planet. If you’re anything like us, you intend to do something nice for yours (or for everyone who’s been “mom-like” to you) pretty much throughout the year. But more often than not, that intention finds itself buried under bills, jobs, social life, responsibilities–maybe even your own family and children.

An expression of your heartfelt thanks and love is all you really need (and will be your mom’s favorite part of the gift, no doubt). But because moms are the closest living equivalent to actual superheroes, it’s always nice to give something extra.

So now through Mother’s Day, scoop up Mom’s favorite treatments for her — and maybe a few of yours for you. (Mom will love you anyway. She’s just like that.)