Stranded On A Desert Island … With Nothing But Aveda

It should come as no shock to you that at Belle Salon & Spa, we love Aveda. We live by Aveda principles, instruction, techniques—and we adore their amazing products.

Because Aveda believes that “what goes on your body should be as pure and natural as what goes into it,” the ingredients that make up their products are sustainably harvested, organic, and natural. Not to mention . . . their spa-like aromas are always to die for (hello: #SmellsLikeAveda)!

Pinning down our favorite Aveda offerings is anything but easy. But, we’ve managed to choose the five Aveda products that — if we had a supply of only these — we could survive being cast away on even the most deserted of islands. (Just add a stash of Nutella and we could disappear for decades!)

  1. Dry Remedy™ Daily Moisturizing Oil

The secret weapon behind this 99.99% naturally derived essence is buriti oil, a centuries-old Amazonian beauty secret. Harvested from the South American buriti palm, or the “tree of life,” this oil is rich in antioxidants and even has natural SPF and anti-inflammatory properties. The main purpose of Dry Remedy™ Oil is to instantly moisturize, strengthen and smooth the hair — and it does that in spades — though it’s also fantastic for the skin, rehydrating and rebuilding dermal cells. Just a few drops are enough to nourish, add life and shine to hair, and tame frizz.

  1. Tourmaline Charged Exfoliating Cleanser

This cleanser is gentle enough to use every day, with mild exfoliation properties that remove impurities and encourage cell renewal. All in all a great cleanser, but what makes it amazing is its ability to boost radiance (thanks to the infusion of tourmaline, a semi-precious gemstone known throughout the centuries for giving skin a literal glow). Not only that, but it thoroughly cleans out and reduces the appearance of pores. Even if we’re stuck all by ourselves on a desert island, we still want a youthful, clear, polished, dewy complexion, and that’s why we’re bringing this cleanser.

  1. Beautifying Composition

Because our desert-island scenario gives us only five products, this multi-use, multitasking powerhouse is a natural choice. It’s a non-greasy makeup remover, skin/ hair moisturizer, cuticle softener, scalp conditioner, and massage oil, and its aromatherapeutic benefits soothe and relax during and after use.

  1. Smooth Infusion™ Naturally Straight Styling Crème

This fairly new product has skyrocketed right to the top of our All-Time Favorites list because it accomplishes one of the most difficult-to-achieve feats in hair styling — it smooths and straightens hair naturally and holistically. It’s rather genius, actually. Plant fibers create a locking layer to help hold hair straight. Organic cassava root forms a barrier against humidity. Its pleasant citrus scent is typically Avedaesque. Best of all, it unshackles us from damaging heat-styling techniques that have long been the most effective way to tackle frizz . . . until now.

  1. Shampure™ Shampoo

One of Aveda’s most enduring products, Shampure shampoo gets its powers from Brazil nuts . . . or more accurately, the ingredient morikue that’s found in them. As if the famous, fresh Shampure “spa in a bottle” scent weren’t enough, it’s gentle enough for everyday use, and delivers a clear scalp, volume, shine, and softness without buildup. We love what the shampoo does for our hair, and what the aroma does for our soul.

Remember that at Belle Salon & Spa, we love inviting our guests to try Aveda. These “Fab Five” (and all other Aveda products) are yours to sample, smell, and inquire about. If you’re curious about these or any other Aveda products, just come into any Belle Salon & Spa location and ask to try it. That way, you don’t have to wait ‘til you’re stranded on a desert island with us to discover how great they are.

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