Should You Get Bangs?


People get bangs for all sorts of reasons. Some people want to soften a high forehead. At least a few of you are going through a Zooey Deschanel phase. And others are simply looking for a bold new look. If you’ve found yourself tempted to join the ranks you’re not alone…and you’ve probably sent a few dozen selfies of yourself with faux-bangs to your friends, asking whether or not you should take the leap. It only seemed fair that we, your trusted stylists, be allowed to weigh in. And we think that yes, you should absolutely get bangs! We are all for it. As long as…

You have patience. Bangs rarely look exactly as you want them to right away. Have you ever tried to change your hair part—maybe from left to right or right to center? If so, you know that it takes a few weeks of semi-frustrated combing, styling, and frantic sink water pat-downs before the hair starts sitting quite right. The same concept applies with bangs. So if you do go for it, don’t write them off too quickly—give them time to come into themselves.



You don’t mind daily styling. If you’re a committed wash-and-go kind of girl, this particular style may not be for you. Keeping your bangs’ shape is a commitment—one that will likely involve blow-drying after every wash, sleeping with a thick headband, and getting frequent trims. You’ll also lose the ability to pull together a two-minute top knot on days when you’re just not feeling it—but hey, you always have hats. And speaking of trims…

You promise not to cut them yourself. Anyone who has had bangs can attest to this: there will come in a time when you look in the mirror, visualize the scissors stored in your kitchen, and think “I’m sure I could manage a slight trim.” As anyone who has had bangs can also attest, it will end poorly. A bang trim at Belle Salon & Spa is only $11—the cost of the lunch you were meaning to pack anyway. Put down the scissors, save yourself the impending regret, and stop by.




You’re pro-dry shampoo. (But, really, who could possibly be anti-dry shampoo?) Since your bangs will sit right on top of your T-zone, they pick up oil in a way the rest of your hair does not. This means that your relationship with your favorite dry shampoo is about to get a lot more serious. We recommend Aveda’s new Shampure Dry Shampoo, which absorbs easily (meaning it’s brunette-friendly), smells fantastic, and boasts an Earth-friendly non-aerosol design.

You’re okay with the commitment. Once you’re in, you’re in—and there will probably be a time when you want to get out. (Only because you are a hair adventurer, forever seeking the next big thing.) Growing them out will take time, despite the superhuman speed at which your bangs seemed to grow back when you were trimming them what felt like every other week. Fortunately, there are plenty of cute styles you can take for a spin during the process! But that, friends, is another blog post for another day.

Ready to take the leap? Talk to your Belle Salon & Spa stylist about what type of bangs works best for your hair type and your lifestyle.


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