Better Than Pumpkin Spice: 5 Hair Color Updates for Fall


’Tis the season to…see pumpkin-spiced everything take over your morning latté, your Facebook feed, and your life. If, like us, you’re finding that this particular fall motif has been worn a bit thin, we’re offering an alternative: 5 color updates that don’t remind you of the “Seasonal Decor” aisle at Target. You’re welcome. 

If you rocked blonde balayage this summer, try:


It’s a color we’re all familiar with but may not have had a name for: not quite blonde, not quite brunette, but something stylishly in between. 2015 thus far has seen celebrities including Cara Delevingne, Amy Poehler, and Chrissy Teigen sporting the look. If you spent your summer rocking the low-maintenance blonde afforded by ombré or balayage, making the change can be as easy as adding well-placed lowlights. It adds a seasonal richness to blonde—and will pair perfectly with your cable knits and plaid for months to come.


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If your hair is chocolate brown, try:


Going full red is a big commitment and can be difficult to maintain. Instead, opt for a subtle change that warms up your look just in time for chilly air. This color is especially flattering for those with olive tones in their skin—but as Emma Stone illustrates so beautifully, that’s by no means a requirement.


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If you’re a buttery blonde, go:


Common knowledge holds that platinum is best paired with cool-toned skin. Fortunately for us, however, there are subtle variations on the shade that make it much more versatile than you might think. Furthermore, we can’t imagine many things more chic than head to toe winter white. The only downside? This color is best reserved for those with virgin (or minimally processed) hair. If your hair is no stranger to color, ask your colorist if a few icy highlights might be a safer option.


platinum blonde

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If you’re a brunette who will miss sun-kissed color, try:


If you were lucky enough to log plentiful outdoor time this summer, you probably have some lingering natural highlights to show for it. Trying to maintain them in full may not be seasonally appropriate, but you can hold onto the overall vibe with a few well-placed streaks of caramel. If you opt for a balayage application or a shade not too far-off your natural hair color, they will grow out naturally as the season progresses—leaving a fresh canvas for the sun to take over come spring.


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If you’re a redhead, try:


iPhones, jewelry, hair color—everything’s coming up rose gold this year. You can take this color as far as you want, with variations ranging from almost natural to electrically noticeable. Once of our favorite takes on the trend came from this subtle Aveda Color creation.

Modern Salon

Whatever your pick, make sure you’re using the products that will help your color maintain its vibrance throughout the Sioux City winter. We recommend stopping by Belle Salon & Spa to grab the necessary goods from Aveda’s Color Conserve line—it makes all the difference.